10 Best Snowy Seeds In Minecraft 1.20

10 Best Snowy Seeds In Minecraft 1.20

10 Best Snowy Seeds In Minecraft 1.20

Some of the best world seeds for Minecraft 1.20 are ones that generate snowy worlds filled with cold biomes that reflect the incoming winter months.

Minecraft Snowy Seeds to Generate the Best Winter Worlds in Update 1.20

As the winter months approach, some of the best seeds you can use in Minecraft for you or your friends create snowy worlds covered in icy biomes. From pristine taigas to frozen oceans, you could explore tons of delightfully cold places in a brand-new sandbox. Some rare landscapes and structures can also provide the resources you need to survive the harsher environments in snowy worlds.


Seeds reflect worlds that have already been discovered by other players and can be entered into a new server you create by using a specific number sequence. These places may only work on the Java or Bedrock versions of the game, with only a few working on both. The best Minecraft 1.20 Bedrock Edition seeds work with more systems, so the worlds mentioned on this list pair with that version.

Minecraft Best 1.20 World Seed Generated for Java Edition
10 Best Seeds For Minecraft 1.20 Java Edition

The Java Edition in Minecraft has a variety of discovered seeds that can create beautiful or challenging worlds best suited for a new adventure.

10 Snow Capped Peaks

Seed: 5613582850711657248

Minecraft Snow Capped Peaks from Specific World Seed

This first seed spawns you high up in a snowy mountain range biome that oversees a massive valley begging to be explored. Multiple Mountain Goatmobs new to recent updates can be seen frolicking around the area, with several cave systems to inspect on the sides of each rocky structure. A collection of trees dotted near the bottom of the mountains will help you get some materials to start crafting a decent base in Minecraft.

9 Igloo to The End

Seed: 54242709679029179

Minecraft Igloo to The End Snowy World Seed

Any seed that places you in a Village is excellent for letting you get necessary materials quickly right after you spawn, but this world has even more to offer. A solitary Igloo near the starting settlement has a ladder going directly to a Stronghold structure, with a portal to The End. An incomplete Nether Portalcan also be found nearby, with a Piglin Base visible when you travel to the fire-filled realm.

Strongholds also have many loot chests that you can find for different resources and Libraries containing bookshelves that could empower an Enchantment Table.


8 Snow Mountain Village

Seed: 1853690122206753633

Minecraft Snow Mountain Village World Seed

This seed spawns you in a Village whose buildings ascend a tall, spiraling mountain with a gorgeous view of an icy lake and snow-covered plains. The limited space here makes the community a perfect place to defend a base against hostile mobs in Minecraft. A Shipwreck on the frozen lake below can give you some ideal items to connect the Village all the way to the Iron Golem at the top of the mountain.

7 Cherries and Icicles

Seed: 44270230

Minecraft Cherries and Icicles World Seed

Two newer biomes collide in this world seed, with an Ice Spike region covered in blue pillars of frozen water and a Cherry Blossom forest right next to it. This location is also one of the best seeds for Cherry Blossoms in Minecraft since the pink forest has a large Village you can explore. The beautiful contrast here also hosts a cave system with two Zombie spawners, which you can harvest for an XP farm.


A Minecraft character with different XP farms in the background
10 Best XP Farms For Minecraft 1.20XP remains one of the most valuable resources in Minecraft 1.20, but the best farms for experience also gather important materials for you to use.

6 Icy Tear Drops

Seed: -6144763637115342969

Floating islands are rare little places to come across in a Minecraft world, but this seed has a ton of them concentrated around a single area. Ice Spikes form from the edges of these flying land masses, forming frozen waterfalls that are mesmerizing to look at. The ice almost forms a curtain around large ravines and caves that can be traveled to as you watch the sun reflect off this one-of-a-kind landscape.

5 Frozen Sinkhole

Seed: 2024980419742873232

An enormous frozen lake in this seed at coordinates (-387, 63, 314) has a hole punched into the ice, with a monolith of water cascading down into the depths below. A Village on the solidified water acts as an excellent base for those looking to make expeditions into this mysterious cave in Minecraft. According to YouTube creator Minecraft & Chill, there is even a rare Ocean Monumentstructure carved within the sinkhole.

You can also find a set of Trail Ruins along the edge of the frozen lake near the Village, which can provide some extra materials needed for exploring the sinkhole.

4 Snowbound Island

Seed: -8187335122099196833

Minecraft Snowbound Island World Seed

The best Island seeds in Minecraft are popular for their isolation, limiting resources for those seeking a challenge. The smaller space of this seed extends to a small Taiga Forest biome situated on a frozen lake that slowly transitions to an ocean with no end in sight. A Ruined Portal, a Village, Ocean Ruins, and even a few Igloos are hidden along the island for you to discover as you overcome a difficult start.

3 Stranded in Ice Spikes

Seed: -7294392906191120714

Minecraft Stranded in Ice Spikes Snowy World Seed

Another landscape perfect for anyone looking for a challenging Survival Mode adventure in Minecraft, this world places you in an Ice Spike biome spanning thousands of blocks. Your only solace in this place is a Shipwreck full of resources and a small Mushroom Island in the ocean. You’ll have to fish through the ice and delve into cold caverns under the ice to make up for the lack of materials in this seed.​​​​​​​

2 Cold Crater

Seed: 2492834115337267729

While ice-covered mountain ranges are nothing new to these snowy Minecraftseeds, this one is the most impressive. The valley you spawn in is surrounded by the tallest possible stone landscapes in the game, reaching the maximum block limit at staggering heights. The protection provided by the cratered middle section of this area gives you an easy place to build a base where you can see hostile mobs from a mile away.

Several caves dotted along the sides of these mountains also make for interesting exploration, with Dripstone Cave biomes being close by. These caverns are almost hidden by frozen waterfalls, giving an air of mystery that makes this setting even more enjoyable in Minecraft. New mobs like Polar Bearsand Mountain Goats can also be found along the cliffs, letting you meet many rare animals.

1 Winter Wonderland

Seed: 6967698017210692139

Minecraft Winter Wonderland Snowy World Seed

An ideal seed for winter enjoyers in Minecraft, this world places you on a hollowed-out, snow-filled island with a Lush Cave carved out and exposed to the elements. The frozen ocean around you occasionally has prominent snowfall, which you can watch from the comfort of a base built within the cave. Plenty of resources along the island and in the cave system combine with a picturesque land reflecting the beauty of the cold.

The best snowy seeds in Minecraft are the ones that provide winter landscapes that are worth making an impact on, letting you bask in icebound places that reflect one of nature’s most recognizable seasons.

Source: Minecraft & Chill/YouTube

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