Clash of Clans leaks suggest release of Town Hall 16 in the December update

Clash of Clans leaks suggest release of Town Hall 16 in the December update

Clash of Clans leaks suggest release of Town Hall 16 in the December update

Townhall 16
Town Hall 16 speculation in Clash of Clans (Image via Judo Sloth Gaming/YouTube)

Clash of Clans enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement as rumors and leaks hint at the release of Town Hall 16 in the highly anticipated December update. Popular YouTuber Judo Sloth Gaming has played a crucial role in uncovering these leaks, shedding light on teasers released by the official Clash of Clans in-game and on X (formerly Twitter).

The evidence presented in these teasers points towards the unveiling of Town Hall 16, adding a new layer of anticipation for the game’s dedicated player base. In this article, we’ll discuss the hints that Supercell has released so far.


Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 speculations

The maxed Town Hall 15 upgrade button

One of the most intriguing pieces of evidence comes from the video released by the game’s official X account. In the video, we can notice a peculiar detail regarding the maxed Town Hall 15 building. Despite being at its maximum level, the building displayed an upgrade button with a staggering cost of 18 million gold.

This has sparked speculation among players, as a fully upgraded Town Hall will not have an upgrade option. The community is left to ponder whether this is a clever tease or a genuine hint at the introduction of Town Hall 16.

Clues in the video

Analyzing the video further, several easter eggs have been identified, adding weight to the speculation. The Clan Castle, for instance, is labeled with a mysterious message that reads, ‘It’s coming.’ Such a direct hint is not typical for Clash of Clans unless a significant update is on the horizon.


The resource counts, including gold, elixir, dark elixir, and even gems, are all set at 16 in the video, possibly indicating a correlation with Town Hall 16. Additionally, there are 16 unread Clan Castle messages, and the account name in the video intriguingly is “When??!!1!!6”. The presence of growing trees in the footage raises suspicions of a Christmas-themed December update.

Clash of Clans tweet fueling speculation

Adding fuel to the fire of speculation, Clash of Clans shared a post on X just over a week ago that has stirred the community. The post featured Balloons in the Clan Castle, showcasing flames on level 11 Balloons. Given that the current maximum level for Balloons is 10, players are left questioning the significance of this reveal.

Judo Sloth Gaming suggests that the screenshot is likely from a developer build used for testing, providing a glimpse into potential future content.

As players eagerly await the December update, the leaks and hints surrounding Town Hall 16 ignite a fervor within the community. While nothing is officially confirmed, the combination of clues from the X teaser, in-game messages, and the intriguing tweet by Clash of Clans suggests that something significant is on the horizon.

Whether it’s the highly anticipated Town Hall 16 or another major feature, players can expect a substantial addition to the game in the coming update. Until then, Clashers will continue to dissect every detail, eagerly awaiting the official announcement from Supercell.


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