How To Fix Error Code Bn-564 in Overwatch 2

How To Fix Error Code Bn-564 in Overwatch 2

How To Fix Error Code Bn-564 in Overwatch 2 acting up? Don’t rage quit yet. Let’s troubleshoot instead!

How To Fix Error Code Bn-564 in Overwatch 2

For all you Overwatch 2 enthusiasts experiencing the pesky BN-564 error, we understand your frustration. Since the release of Season 6: Invasion and the transition into Season 7: Rise of Darkness, there’s been a resurgence of this error, now affecting not just PlayStation but also PC users on Steam. The reasons behind the BN-564 error can be a bit murky, often tied to either server maintenance or account connection issues. Since season 8 is around the corner, we’ve put together some tips and tricks on how to fix this error code BN-564 in Overwatch 2 and get you back into the game.



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Simple Steps to Resolving the BN-564 Error in Overwatch 2

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via The Nerd Stash

The simplest and most effective method to fix the error code BN-564 in Overwatch 2 is restarting the router. According to relevant Reddit threads and Blizzard forums, this method worked out for most players. But, before jumping into any solutions, ensure the Blizzard servers are not down for maintenance or if there is a known issue with the servers in your region. Follow these steps once you’ve confirmed the problem is not on Blizzard’s end.

1.0 Restart Your Router

Restarting your router is the most effective method to fix this BN-564 error in Overwatch 2. Simply unplug it from its power source and wait a minute before plugging it back in. This will refresh your network connection and allow you to reconnect with servers.

2.0 Reinstall the

Start this process by installing and OW2 through it. Make sure to log in and open the game on, then close the game and log out of Finally, exit Now, try opening the game on Steam and see if the BN-564 error in Overwatch 2 is gone.


3.0 Check Your Network Connection

If the first two steps don’t work to fix the BN-564 error in Overwatch 2, you may need to troubleshoot your network connection. A problem with your internet service provider could prevent you from connecting to servers.

4.0 Check Your Firewall and Antivirus Settings

Also, your Firewall and Antivirus might be blocking the game or some game files. You can temporarily disable them and try rerunning the game.

5.0 Contact Blizzard Support

If none of the above solutions work, contacting the official support team is best. They can troubleshoot the BN-564 error in Overwatch 2 and give you a customized solution to fix the connectivity issue.


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