Overwatch 2 “game server connection failed” error: Possible fixes, reasons, and more

Overwatch 2 "game server connection failed" error: Possible fixes, reasons, and more

Overwatch 2 “game server connection failed” error: Possible fixes, reasons, and more

How to fix "Game server connection failed" error in Overwatch 2
How to fix “Game server connection failed” error in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Players worldwide seem to be facing a “game server connection failed” issue, not allowing them to enjoy the new content in Overwatch 2 Season 8: Call of the Hunt. It is quite a common issue players generally face when a new patch arrives. Unfortunately, the more frustrating thing is there is no permanent fix that players can use to completely avoid these errors.

In order to check if there are any issues from their end or the Overwatch 2 servers themselves, players can use some simple steps. In this guide, we will go through the steps that might provide some temporary solutions and fix the issue.



How to fix “game server connection failed ” error in Overwatch 2

1) Scan and Repair (For users)

If you are getting this error while launching the game in the client, you can try the Scan and Repair option to identify any corrupt files. Here are the steps to fix the corrupt files in Overwatch 2 on the native client:

  • Launch
  • Navigate to the Overwatch 2 section.
  • Press the settings icon on the right side of the “Play” button.
  • Click the “Scan and Repair” option to begin the scan.

2) Verify file integrity (For Steam users)

If you use Steam to play the game, you can verify the integrity of the files. If Steam finds any corrupt files, it will auto-download the faulty files and fix the errors. Here are the steps for a quick integrity check:

  • Launch Steam client.
  • Press right-click on Overwatch 2.
  • Select “Properties” from all the available options out there.
  • Select “Local files” from there.
  • Then press “Verify Integrity of Game files”.

3) Restart the game

This might seem like a generic option, but it works sometimes. You might try restarting the game instead of waiting on the server error page or in the queue. Sometimes restarting the game works for some people as most people try to stay in the queue as long as possible to get to the menu.


4) Disable any third-party software

You might be facing a server connection issue because a VPN or any kind of third-party software is running in the background. While VPNs allow players to have a stable ping in Overwatch matches, this might lead to this kind of major setbacks while logging into the game.

Therefore, you can try turning off any third-party software from the background and then try logging in. This might allow you to hop into the server and enjoy all the brand-new content.

5) Check internet connection

There might be some network issue at your end that might lead to this kind of connection error while you are trying to log into the game. To eliminate the possibility, you might wish to restart your router or try a different gateway, as it might fix your problem.

If you realise it is a network issue, and it is not resolved by restarting, you might have to wait it out or get in touch with your internet service provider.

6) Check Blizzard’s server status

It might be a good idea to check the client or Blizzard’s official X account if there are any messages or posts pop up mentioning any maintenance regarding Overwatch 2’s servers. If yes, then you have to wait for a certain amount of time until it gets fixed.

So, these are some potential workarounds for the “game server connection failed” error. If you are still having the issues, you might want to reach Overwatch 2’s forums for further help.


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