60-Year-Old Ohio Junkyard Holds Several Classic Car Gems

60-Year-Old Ohio Junkyard Holds Several Classic Car Gems

60-Year-Old Ohio Junkyard Holds Several Classic Car Gems

This forest deep in Rural Ohio is home to Charlie’s Salvage, a junkyard that hasn’t scrapped a RWD car in nearly 6 decades.

A white 1979 Chevrolet Chevette junkyard front quarter shot

via junkcar willy (YT)


If there’s one thing the classic car community seems to pore over obsessively, it’s a rare barn find. The mystique surrounding a lost muscle car or sports car buried deep away somewhere for decades, only to suddenly reemerge, is a story in of itself – before even getting into the individual cars’ history.


Junkyard digs, on the other hand, arguably lack the same secrecy and excitement. Romanticism aside, though, classic American cars are being scooped up at a constantly accelerating rate, and some junkyards, particularly ones tucked away in the middle of nowhere, have some hidden gems just waiting to get scooped up.

YouTuber junkcar willy is in Gallipolis in rural Ohio, checking out something that looks as much like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie as much as a junkyard. However, if anything, that makes these classics lost to time even more of a special find.

Junkyard Chevrolet Corviar Lineup Front View
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This Unloved Chevy Hatch Has A Solid Body

1979 Chevrolet Chevette Fast Facts

  • Chevrolet introduced the Chevette in 1975 as the 1973 oil crisis saw demand drop for big, heavy muscle and luxury cars
  • The Chevette was GM’s response to CAFE regulations and consumer demand for economy subcompacts
  • While Chevy never made a performance version, Vauxhall did produce a group 4 rally version called the HSR with 240 hp

The first car Willy stumbles upon is a Chevrolet Chevette buried under years of branches, grass, and leaves. One thing to note: pretty much all the vehicles in this video are buried under debris like this, along with being in pretty rough shape, so it can be a bit difficult to ascertain the exact specification and year.

The Chevette was Chevrolet’s response to the growing economic subcompact market in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis and, to put it mildly, isn’t the most fondly remembered by performance car enthusiasts. Willy, too, says that he isn’t a fan but appreciates that this Chevette has a straight body and says something is endearing about this particular car. It’s difficult to be certain, but this Chevette looks to be a late 70s or early 80s car – most likely a 1979 model.


Engine Specs

1979 Chevrolet Chevette



1.6-liter inline 4, 4-speed manual transmission


70 hp/82 lb-ft

0-60 MPH

13.8 seconds

Top Speed

98 mph


2,105 lbs

Source (automobile-catalog)

black Vauxhall Chevette restomod Retropower South Wales UK
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Chevrolet never built a performance version of the Chevette, but GM-owned British automaker Vauxhall did build a Chevette Rally Car called the HSR. According to, the HSR produced around 240-250 hp in rally trim and 150 hp in homologated road-going trim.

A Couple Of Classic Fords Are Hiding Out In This Junkyard

Video Key Details

  • YouTuber junkcar willy is in rural Ohio checking out this junkyard full of old classics
  • Named Charlie’s Salvage, Willy says the owner hasn’t crushed a RWD car in nearly 60 years
  • All the vehicles in the yard are covered in rust, greenery, and debris – but few could make for a solid restoration project

The next car Willy takes a look at is this green 70s Ford Maverick. This car is buried deep in the undergrowth, but Willy is pretty sure the Ford is too far gone to be a runner and is simply a parts car.

Willy also spots what appears to be a 1964 Ford Fairlane sedan – again, buried deep in the undergrowth. Sadly, the body is very rusty, and the interior, including the seats and headliner, is nearly completely disintegrated. However, the dash fascia appears in okay condition – with all the original gauges still in the car. Lastly, Willy spots an old yellow Ford Courier Sedan Delivery – most likely a 1955 model year. This van is in pretty rough shape, with the interior and exterior both covered in deep rust and debris.

Some Classic Truck’s And A Jeep Forward Control Are Lurking, Too

A red 1956 Jeep Forward control junkyard front quarter shot
via junkcar willy (YT) 

Perhaps the most unusual find in this junkyard is a Jeep Forward Control truck. Produced from 1956 to 1965, these trucks were used for a variety of applications, from Fire Trucks to Medical Response vehicles and so on. It’s difficult to determine the year or specific model, but this Forward Control has seen better days, with the body and interior beyond repair.

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Willy also spots a slew of other classic pickup trucks, including a 1955 GMC 150. The body on this 50s GMC is completely rusted away, as is the interior, but Willy thinks the front bumper will clean up with a bit of polish and elbow grease. There’s such a variety of cars hiding in this Ohio forest that we can’t cover them all here, so, as usual, we recommend checking out the full video for all the details.

Source YouTube @ junkcar willy, automobile-catalog,

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