All the new Exotics in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

All the new Exotics in Destiny 2

All the new Exotics in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

Dragon’s Breath returns, and we’re getting a new Exotic quest

The Dragon’s Breath Exotic rocket launcher from Destiny 2: Season of the WishImage: Bungienone

Three new Exotics join the Destiny 2 armory with Season of the Wish. That includes one for the season pass, one from the dungeon, and one from a new Exotic mission coming later in December. Thorn, the beloved hand cannon, also got an Exotic Catalyst this season.

Here, we’re going to go over each of these new Exotics — and the new Catalyst — and tell you everything we know about them and what they do.


Note: There are no new Exotic armor items for classes in Season of the Wish, although it’s possible Bungie could add them in down the line in the new Destiny 2: Into the Light update.

Dragon’s Breath, Solar rocket launcher

Dragon’s Breath is the season pass Exotic for Destiny 2: Season of the Wish, and is a returning Exotic from the original Destiny. However, Dragon’s Breath’s perks barely reflect the weapon it once was.

In Destiny 2, Dragon’s Breath’s Exotic trait is Composite Propellant, which causes rockets to embed themselves in targets and periodically eject incendiary fuel that inflicts Scorch. The longer you go without firing Dragon’s Breath, the more fuel its next rocket will contain. Its Exotic perk is High Octane, which causes you to regain some fuel when igniting a target and causes Dragon’s Breath to reload itself from reserves once it reaches max fuel.

This is an interesting new direction for Dragon’s Breath, as it seems to be good at both killing big bosses and burning up any minions around them.


Wish-Keeper, Strand bow

The Wish-Keeper bow from Destiny 2: Season of the WishImage: Bungienone

As part of Season of the Wish’s unveiling, Bungie revealed that the season comes with an Exotic quest. The mission is called Starcrossed, and will launch on Dec. 19. The reward is the new Wish-Keeper Strand bow, which can deal damage or “lay traps.”

Based on the trailer for Season of the Wish, it looks like the Wish-Keeper can Suspend targets just like many Strand abilities can.

While Bungie did reveal the bow and show it off, the studio hasn’t announced Wish-Keeper’s perks at the time of this writing.

Dungeon Exotic weapon

The Exotic weapon we know the least about this season is the one that comes from the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, which launches on Dec. 1.

Bungie is being very secretive about the dungeon and its theme, but an article on the studio’s website gave one additional hint: Rocket-Pistol. This seems like a clear tease at the upcoming Exotic from Warlord’s Ruin and not the new rocket launcher sidearm Legendary archetype we’re getting in The Final Shape.

At the time of this writing — without getting into datamining — it’s unclear what this weapon’s perks are or what it’s called.

Thorn Catalyst

A look at the in-game menu showing the Thorn Catalyst and its various effectsImage: Bungienone

Thorn is having a big season. In addition to a new buff that causes to gun to overfill its own magazine when you pick up a Remnant, you can also get a Catalyst for it.

On its face, the Catalyst for Thorn is pretty boring. It grants increased range and stability, bonuses that are further increased after picking up a Remnant. This is clearly a PvP-focused Catalyst, with the goal of pushing Thorn to be more competitive in activities like Trials of Osiris.


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