Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Fish For a Deeply Musical Fish

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Fish For a Deeply Musical Fish

Find out which fish you reel-y need for this Star Path duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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With each update, the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley continually evolves, introducing new additions that continue to keep its passionate community engaged. These updates often introduce beloved Disney characters and quests, alongside new item additions including stylish clothing and decorative items. A standout feature of these free updates is the limited-time Star Path events, where players have the opportunity to unlock distinct, themed rewards by completing certain tasks.


The game’s most recent update, The Pumpkin King Returns, delights players with the introduction of Jack Skellington, the beloved character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The timing of Jack’s debut aligns seamlessly with the Christmas-themed Star Path event. This follows on the heels of the game’s Haunted Holiday Star Path, which brought in a variety of items themed after the world of the Pumpkin King.



Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals Patch Notes for The Pumpkin King Returns Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley is about to exit its early access development, and Gameloft is preparing to administer the game’s next update.

Players will appreciate knowing that, even though Disney Dreamlight Valley has transitioned from its free-to-play model, the Royal Winter Star Path remains accessible to all players who own the base game at no extra cost. Future updates are also set to continue this trend of including base Star Paths, but players will still have the option to unlock more tasks and rewards by purchasing the Premium Star Path using Moonstones, Dreamlight Valley’s paid currency.

How to Fish For A Deeply Musical Fish

Catching a Bass in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

One of the initial tasks in the update’s Royal Winter Star Path invites players to “fish for a deeply musical fish.” The task might bring to mind the iconic “Under the Sea” musical number from The Little Mermaid, but fortunately, there’s no need to break up the band. To fulfill this duty, the “deeply musical fish” players are required to catch in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Bass.

Where to Catch Bass in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fishing in Peaceful Meadow in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Bass, one of the most readily available fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, can be found in open water across four biomes:

  • Peaceful Meadow
  • Forest of Valor
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Frosted Heights

Players can easily locate Bass without needing to search for specific-colored pools. Simply by heading to any water body in these biomes and using the Fishing Pole Royal Tool, players can cast their line into the water and start fishing up the 10 “deeply musical fish” needed to complete this task.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Moonstones

Moonstones are used as in-game currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and here is how players can get more of them.

With a limited variety of fish and items available through open-water fishing, including Cod and Seaweed, players should be able to swiftly catch the required 10 Bass. It’s important for players to note that Bass must be actively fished while this task is unlocked to count towards this duty. Bass previously stored or acquired through trading in the game’s online multiplayer mode will not grant credit for completing the task.

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