Fortnite: How To Get Invincible Skins (Omni-Man, Invincible, Atom Eve)

Fortnite: How To Get Invincible Skins (Omni-Man, Invincible, Atom Eve)

Fortnite: How To Get Invincible Skins (Omni-Man, Invincible, Atom Eve)

Fortnite x Invincible brings iconic heroes into the game, with Omni-Man, Invincible, and Atom Eve all becoming playable on the Fortnite island.

invincible, atom eve, omni-man in fortnite

Omni-Man, Invincible, and Atom Eve descend to the Fortnite island, bringing forth an exciting collab between Fortnite x Invincible. It’s great to see comic book characters that exist outside of DC Comics and Marvel, especially when they are as prominent as Invincible, the gory and creative comic from Skybound/Image that became an adult animated series from Amazon Prime Video.


Fortnite’s collab with Invincible is a great one, and it features what seems like models straight from the animated style of the animated series. Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve come with some exciting cosmetics that reference their adventures so far, with the potential for some exciting duo opportunities, like Spider-Man and Invincible, or Omni-Man and Superman.

When Will The Invincible Skins Release?

invincible skins in the item shop

Players can get their hands on the Fortnite x Invincible collaboration outfits and cosmetics on November 24, 7 PM ET once they arrive in the Fortnite Item Shop. Whilst these outfits may have been decrypted quite some time ago by prominent leakers in the Fortnite community, the skins were not set to officially release until they were ready. The release date for the Invincible skins in Fortnitecoincides with the mid-season finale of Invincible Season 2.

Invincible (V-Buck Price: TBC)

Saving the world one crisis at a time.

invincible skin in Fortnite

Invincible receives an outfit, which is no surprise considering he is the titular hero. Invincible’s skin looks as if it has been ripped straight out of the Amazon Prime Video series, complete with its cel-shaded look, determined scowl, and white goggles.


Burger Mart Bag Back Bling

Even a sequid can’t resist Burger Mart

This back bling has a fairly sinister appearance, as although Burger Mart may be a beloved fast food place in the Invincible universe, this bag of food is covered in sequids, parasitic aliens that can take over humans and wipe out entire civilizations.

Reaniman Arm Harvesting Tool (V-Buck Price: TBC)

Hand-crafted by D.A. Sinclair.

The Reaniman Arm is a pickaxe featuring the arm of an undead soldier created by the sinister D.A. Sinclair, who used his intelligence to turn his fellow students into unstoppable killing machines. This torn-off arm shoots sparks from exposed wires and shows they are in fact killable.

Invincible Hero Wrap (V-Buck Price: TBC)

Show your style.

If players want to brand their weapons and their vehicles with that of Invincible’s attire, then they can do so with the Invincible Hero wrap. The black and blue color scheme can adorn weapons and vehicles, complete with a yellow ‘I’.

Fastest Fastball Emote (V-Buck Price: TBC)

How about a little game of catch?

Sadly, the Invincible collab only comes with one emote, but it’s a fairly fun one. The Fastest Fastball features the player wearing a baseball glove in their left hand, with a baseball in their right. Players will throw the baseball and wait a while before catching it, as it travels across the world at great speed, a reference to the game of catch that Omni-Man and Invincible play.

Omni-Man (V-Buck Price: TBC)

Omni-man in Fortnite

Not exactly “Father of the Year”.

The Omni-Man skin comes to Fortnite with a cel-shaded look, featuring great detail in muscles and facial animations, as Omni-Man has that tired and somewhat wandering look as if he is doubting himself as the conqueror of Earth. It’s great to have this character in Fortnite, especially with such an illustrious Viltrumite mustache, although, with how violent he is, he may be age-restricted.

Omni-Man’s Cape Back Bling

Never wrinkles… even when destroying entire planets.

Coming in as part of Omni-Man’s outfit, players can use Omni-Man’s cape to complete his costume and wear a crimson cape to make his outfit truly shine when destroying 99 other players, or just enjoy some party maps.

The Immortal’s Head Back Bling

Former head of the Guardians of the Globe.

The Immortal is an interesting superhero due to the fact that although he can be decapitated and ripped in half, he cannot truly die. He has been around since the dawn of time and was even Abraham Lincoln at one point, so it’s fun to use his animated head as a back bling.

War Woman’s Mace Pickaxe (V-Buck Price: TBC)

Just don’t let anyone else get their hands on it, okay?

To celebrate the death of the Guardians of the Globe, Omni-Man can use War Woman’s Mace as a pickaxe to further bludgeon his enemies or hit obstacles to harvest for materials to crank 90s.

Omni-Man Emblem Cape Back Bling

An Art Rosenbaum-inspired replica.

To represent Omni-Man’s outfit and color scheme, players can use the Omni-Man Emblem Cape as a back bling for when they are not using Omni-Man. It may have a strange floating effect on their back, but it’s still nice to represent the guy who may or may not have a mission to conquer Earth.

Atom Eve (V-Buck Price: TBC)

atom eve in Fortnite


The third skin in the Invincible collab is none other than Atom Eve, one of the most important characters in the show. A complete force for good, Atom Eve does whatever she can to help the world, but sometimes forgets that she needs to help herself too.

Subatomic Swords Harvesting Tool (V-Buck Price: TBC)

Manipulate energy with razor precision.

Atom Eve comes with dual-wielded pickaxes, which feature two energy-created pink swords that she can swing and attack with. It’s a cool touch to see her energy-manipulating powers at work.

Atom Eve Emblem Back Bling

Go Atomic.

This reactive back bling features Atom Eve’s superhero logo, glowing with style on the back of whoever wields it, complete with some floating atoms raring to go.

Eve’s Cape Back Bling

Subatomic style.

This back bling is used for Atom Eve’s skin, and will seamlessly appear on her back with no weird floating shenanigans like capes have for other characters. The bright pink is a nice touch.

Atom Eve Emblem Cape Back Bling

Dress like the Super-Humanitarium.

With this cape, players will be able to use Atom Eve’s cape with her logo on the back to represent her as their hero of choice. It’s a back bling for those who aren’t actually playing as Atom Eve.

Guardians of the Island Loading Screen

invincible in tilted towers loading screen

A Tilted approach to superheroics. Art by Ryan Ottley.

This fun loading screen features Invincible, Atom Eve, and Omni-Man flying down from the battle bus into Tilted Towers, alongside other iconic Fortnitecharacters like Peely and Fishstick, and many more, which Omni-Man is more than likely ready to rip in half.

When Will The Invincible Skins Leave The Item Shop?

fortnite invincible collab

Whilst players can expect the Fortnite x Invincible collab to arrive in the Item Shop from November 24, 7 PM ET, their exact date of departure is unknown. Usually, collab skins remain in the shop as featured items rather than daily items, so players can expect at least two days or more to purchase these skins or any item from the collab that they like.

However, like all collab skins, it’s probably best to buy them the first time they appear, as the nature of collab skins can often be unpredictable, and when they appear in the Item Shop again is a complete guessing game.


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