Motorcycles In Pink’s Collection That Prove She Rides In Style

Motorcycles In Pink's Collection That Prove She Rides In Style

Motorcycles In Pink’s Collection That Prove She Rides In Style

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Pop, rock, and R&B icon Pink has a sizable collection of motorcycles. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed her career for any length of time. She regularly makes appearances on them. Even her very first music video for her song “There You Go” featured her riding down an ally on a street bike while flanked by a group of skateboarders.

She stated in an interview with ET that she was 19 when she starred in that video. She said it was right around the time she started riding motorcycles and claimed to have almost crashed the bike 85 times. Two decades have come and gone since the release of “There You Go,” but one thing hasn’t changed: Pink still loves to ride.


It’s no secret that celebrities often have the best toys. Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, and Ewan McGregor all have collections that feature some truly incredible bikes. But Pink just so happens to be married to racing and motocross legend Carey Hart, who now specializes in building custom motorcycles.

In fact, Hart said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in May 2023, “One of the common threads with me and my wife is motorcycles.” So it shouldn’t be all that surprising to learn that her collection is nothing to sniff at. Here are a few of the more stylish bikes we’ve seen Pink ride over the years.

Harley-Davidson Sportster XL Iron 883

One of the earliest bikes we’ve seen Pink riding is her Harley-Davidson Sportster XL Iron 883. This is far from the most exuberant motorcycle in her collection, but style doesn’t always have to mean bombast. It’s a refined Sportster that is famous for its all-black design. It has a V-Twin 883cc Evolution engine, a.k.a the Blockhead, which was first implemented on Harleys back in 1984 and has been a staple of the brand ever since.

The 2013 version of the bike, which appears to be the one Pink was riding, has 3,500 rpm torque, a classic air-cooled system, fuel injection, and a five-speed manual transmission. It’s also known for having a lower seat, which makes it easy to use for shorter riders.


Pink hasn’t been seen on this bike for a while, though. The last time she was reported riding it was back in 2013 when E! News spotted her taking it for an ocean-side afternoon ride with Carey Hart in Malibu, CA. The photo features Pink decked out in black leather riding gear to match her bike like a true-blue Harley enthusiast.

Triumph Bonneville T100

Triumph parked near umbrellasViktor4ik/Getty Images

Another bike Pink has been seen riding is the Triumph Bonneville T100. Triumph is a U.K.-owned motorcycle manufacturer, making this the only known bike in Pink’s collection not to have been made by an American company. It’s also the same motorcycle favored by “The Newsroom” and “X-Men” actress Olivia Munn. Pink has an older version of the bike than Munn, though. Hers has a primarily black design with chrome and white accents, giving it a truly classic feel. The Bonneville T100 has an 865cc parallel twin engine with 5,800 rpm torque. This is another fuel-injected bike with a five-speed manual transmission.

MCN published a picture of Pink taking a ride on the T100 after a shopping trip in West Hollywood back in 2014. Several others have posted pictures of her on the bike over the years as well, suggesting it was her main ride for a while at least. There’s no denying that the bike’s classic black and white design complements Pink’s rock and roll style perfectly, but this might be the last bike she got before switching almost exclusively to Indian Motorcycles. That’s an unsurprising turn since Hart is now working with the company.

Custom Indian Cruiser

The first Indian Motorcycle to be added to Pink’s collection was a custom cruiser that was gifted to her as a push present from her husband. Most of the bikes in her collection are stylish, but this was certainly one of the most dramatic. She posted a photo of herself with the bike on Instagram shortly after Carey Hart gifted it to her.

“I give you babies and you build me motorcycles,” she wrote in the caption. “Some girls like diamonds, I like heavy metal and carbon fiber and chrome.” Hart designed the bike with army green cameo fairings, black leather upholstery, and some pretty unique black and yellow chequered patterns near the front. He told Kelly Clarkson that he and Pink did a ride from L.A. to Nappa, where they went for a wine event right after he gave it to her.

This bike is no longer in Pink’s collection, however. She and Hart raffled the motorcycle to support the Good Ride charity, which Hart started to give back to the motorcycle community and which also helps veterans in need. He said she put a lot of miles on the bike, but he’d built her new one since then, and they didn’t want the bike to just sit in the garage until “the tires rot off of it.”

Indian Scout

One of the bikes that Pink has been riding more recently is an Indian Scout. Daily Mail reported that she got the bike during the Australian portion of her Beautiful Trauma tour in June 2018. It has a green and cream color palate with brown leather seats and chrome exhaust. 2018 was a big year for the Scout, too.

According to Cycle World, this version of the bike “has 13.4% more displacement than the Scout Sixty but pumps out 28.2% more horsepower (now a claimed 100 hp), plus 10.8% more torque. Given that the curb weight of the Scout is just 4 pounds more (550 versus 546), this bumps the Scout’s weight-to-power ratio to 5.5 pounds per horsepower compared to 7:1 for the Scout Sixty.”

Carey Hart posted about the bike on Instagram after Pink took it for its first ride in the area around Perth. “Got to go for a fun lil putt w/ wifey [Pink] today!” he wrote. “Her first time on a [Indian Motorcycle Scout]. Thanks so much, [Indian Motor Cycle Australia,] for getting us dialed in with bikes while we are here in [Australia!!!] I’m really looking forward to seeing the Aussie [countryside].” This went on to be the bike she was seen riding most often over the next few years.

Ol’ 57 – 2017 Speakeasy Custom Evo

The next motorcycle to join Pink’s collection was a truly unique one. In January 2019, Pink received a custom bike made by Evan Favaro of Speakeasy Motors, dubbed the Ol’ 57 – 2017 Speakeasy Custom Evo. Rather than using any paint, the entire bike was colored in a combination of raw steel and brass. This bike has no fairings except for a custom-made seat and rear tire fender, which also serves as the vehicle’s gas tank. Everything on the bike is on display.

The exposed frame particularly reveals and accentuates the curvature of the V-Twin engine, which is placed right at the top of the stack since the gas tank is in the back. It also has a few other stylish details, such as unique metal plates in the center of the wheels. Pink posted a picture of herself posing with the bike captioned “New year, [new] motorcycle.”

This bike’s design is so unique that it’s captured the attention of several enthusiasts. “From the one-off 16w Fabworks prototype rear suspension to the frame-as-oil-tank and beyond, it’s certainly not a typical motorcycle of any one style,” says Mark Masker of Cruiser. “It definitely swims in the extreme end of the customization gene pool, though, and that’s worth talking about.”

Custom Copper Indian Scout

The most recent addition to Pink’s collection is sort of an amalgamation of the last two. It is a completely custom-built Indian Scout designed by her husband, Carey Hart. It has an eye-catching copper frame that gives the Scout’s classic design a hardcore steampunk look.

“Didn’t go [too] crazy on it since she really likes the stance on the stock bike,” Hart said in an Instagram post about the custom Scout. “Just mainly focused on the handling of it, cosmetics, and comfort.” That doesn’t mean the bike didn’t undergo a lot of work, though. Hart gave the vehicle new carbon fiber wheels, soft compound tires, new front and rear calipers, Fox shocks, a new air intake, exhaust, a sissy bar, lights, and a seat. He also moved the bobber bars so they would be closer to Pink as she rode and had Jake Barnstorm of Barnstorm Cycles knee-cut the tank to make it a bit narrower for her.

Pink posted a picture of herself with the bike after Hart gave it to her, saying, “My [heart] won’t give me another baby, so he built me one. She rips.” This seems to be Pink’s new favorite. Hart gifted the bike to her in 2019, and it still seems to be the one she rides most frequently. She’s taken it to the Live Fast Ralley and the Babe’s Ride Out event but also uses it for travel and regular rides up the coast.


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