Spider-Man 2 Player Finds Another Way to Roam as Venom, Even After Patch

Spider-Man 2 Player Finds Another Way to Roam as Venom, Even After Patch

The new exploit lets players fight crime as Marvel’s Lethal Protector.

This article contains spoilers for the story of Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 players have found yet another glitch that lets them patrol the streets of New York City as Venom – but it involves a certain amount of risk, so those looking to exploit the glitch should proceed with caution.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the community carnage that’s ensued since Insomniac Games’ sequel launched for PlayStation 5 last month, then you should know that a dedicated few have been working to find ways to play as Marvel’s iconic symbiote. They had succeeded before, but Insomniac was quick to patch the exploit. Now, someone has discovered a new way to take the Lethal Protector outside of the limited arena players are given a little more than halfway through the campaign.

Reddit user UnderTheHood778 shared footage of them controlling Venom as he jumps over and around the city’s skyscrapers. This new version of the Venom glitch actually offers a bit more than previous exploits, as it allows players to use symbiote abilities to fight crime.

However, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s new Venom glitch is tricky to pull off. In fact, UnderTheHood778 explains that Venom wannabes will need to crash their game during a specific story moment.

The Reddit user says that players must first switch Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to its Fidelity Mode and then intentionally crash the game toward the end of the campaign’s playable Venom segment. Playing as Venom unleashed does sound like fun, but players should note that causing intentional crashes, especially by manually unplugging your PS5 while it’s powered on, could damage your device and potentially void your warranty. It’s big risk for a reward that essentially amounts to little more than a good time – and that’s if you’re lucky enough to pull it off on your first try. If you’re still interested in pursuing a chance at playing as Venom, you can watch the gameplay and full glitch tutorial from YouTuber iVoltex.

Forcing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to let you play as Venom can cause some hiccups. It’s obviously not seamless — Venom isn’t quite sure what to do when prompted to interact with Yuri, for example — but it still works better than it should. If nothing else, the emergence of this new exploit will surely add fuel to the fire that has seen players asking for a Venom spinoff game.

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