Government of Ireland Scholarships 2024 by Irish Research Council

Government of Ireland Scholarships

Government of Ireland Scholarships 2024 by Irish Research Council

Grab an opportunity to apply for the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme 2024-2025 now. Ireland Government Scholarships are sponsored by Irish Research Council and this Ireland Government Scholarship is available for all disciplines and all international students whereas Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships Programme is now open for applications from international students to avail of the opportunity to study for free at Ireland Universities.

Ireland’s government scholarship offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level programs in their Irish Universities to all international students each year.


Ireland Government Scholarships 2024 Sponsorships:

So all international lucky students winning an Irish Government Scholarship would enable themselves of receiving the following set of scholarship packages:

  • Free of cost education in Irish Universities for up to €5,750 per anum
  • Annually paid stipend money of around €18,500
  • Annual funding for conducting research work for up to €3,250

What other benefits can you avail of with Ireland Scholarships?

Irish Scholarship will reflect Ireland’s commitment to excellence in the provision of higher education for both domestic and international students:

  • for scholarships that will highlight Ireland’s strengths as a center of international education;
  • to promote links with target markets globally;
  • to strengthen the internationalization strategies of HEIs, especially in the context of the system performance framework.

Method to Apply for the Irish Government Scholarships 2024:

Applicants will need to apply for admission to a relevant Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. program offered by an eligible Higher Education Institution. Applicants are requested to submit an online application for Irish Government Scholarship whereas, the corresponding supervisors of those applicants would also be required to submit a letter of acceptance for their applicants. Both applications would be required online on the Ireland Government Scholarships portal. (Links are available at the end of this article).


The Ireland Scholarships program is managed by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills. Following a competitive process based on an annual call for proposals from individual applicants, the HEA will approve a defined number of scholarships under the scheme to successful applicants.

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships will be awarded to high-caliber students from non-EU/EEA countries to study full-time in Ireland for a period of one year. The following are the terms and conditions that will apply:

    • In the final year of an undergraduate program;
    • One year of a taught master’s degree program or;
    • One year of a research program (i.e. one year of 2-year research master’s or a 3-4-year Ph.D. program).
    • The scholarship stipend will be transferred to the host higher education institution (HEI) of the successful student and forwarded by that HEI to the scholar in two payments of €5,000.
    • The HEI will be required to give a FULL fee waiver to the student for the scholarship year (i.e. tuition fee and registration charge are waived). This is the minimum matching funding requirement that institutions will be
      required to make the scholarship scheme.
    • It is expected that a total of 60 scholarships will be funded by the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships for the academic year 2023/2024.
    • Applicants must have a domiciliary of origin1 not equal to the EU/EEA or Switzerland
    • Scholarships may be approved for study across all disciplines, subject to the availability of places.
    • Due to the very large number of Ireland Scholarship applications, it will not be possible to give feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

Application Deadline: Irish Government Scholarship: June 21, 2023

International students can submit a complete application for Ireland Government Scholarship till June 21, 2023, for the class of 2024-2025.

Start of Irish Scholarship Applications March 1, 2023
Preliminary Application Deadline June 21, 2023
Application Submission Deadline June 28, 2023
Deadline for Supervisor June 28, 2023
Deadline for Research Office Endorsement June 28, 2023
Interview Call Q4 2023
Scholarship Awarding Date Q4, 2023





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