Xidian University Huashan Scholarships 2023-2024 Without IELTS for International Students

Xidian University Huashan Scholarships

Xidian University Huashan Scholarships 2023-2024 Without IELTS for International Students

Hey students now you can also apply for a fully funded scholarship announced by Xidian University which recently opened admissions into all degree programs in sponsorship with Xidian University Huashan Scholarships for International Students for the academic session 2023-2024.

The government of China sponsors scholarships that are being awarded to international students each year in order to promote cultural exchange and promoting Chinese Universities. Xidian University Huashan scholarship is a top Chinese scholarship that is open for undergraduate and postgraduate students which can be taken in a number of fields and the medium of instruction must be English or Chinese.


Applicants can start their application process by visiting the online portal of Xidian University from where Huashan scholarship application can be filed and it must be noted that this is among the most popular and most sought after scholarship programs in China similar to the Confucius Scholarship, Schwarzman, Jiangsu Presidential scholarship awards, CAS-TWAS scholarships, etc.

Benefits of Xidian University Huashan Scholarship:

Xidian University Huashan scholarship is basically a fully-funded China scholarship grant that covers every thinkable expense of its recipient like, tuition fees, accommodation charges, living expenses, healthcare insurance, etc. The awards are categorized based on the degree level of the recipients. These are;

    1. Master’s program applicants will get a monthly stipend of 1000 RMB with a tuition fee waiver and room and board are free as well.
    2. Doctoral students will be awarded a monthly stipend of 1200 RMB for living expense and students do not have to pay any charges for tuition or accommodation. All the recipients will get free on-campus accommodation.

Application Procedure for Xidian University Huashan Scholarship:

If a potential applicant for the Xidian University Huashan scholarship has a letter of acceptance from a professor of a Chinese university, then candidate’s chances of getting selected for the Huashan scholarship increase to a significant degree. This is just a trick and is not compulsory for students to get a letter of admission so given below is complete procedure that you can follow to apply to the Xidian University Huashan scholarship program.

    1. Start filling online application for Huashan scholarship at Xidan university
    2. Fill blanks in the admission and scholarship application form provided.
    3. Gather all the documents required to be attached with Huashan scholarship application.
    4. Now submit a Xidian University Huashan scholarship application form and download the PDF version
    5. See if Xidian University has an application fee. If so, submit it.
    6. Attach all the documents with downloaded Huashan scholarship application form.
    7. Send set of documents to Xidian University’s foreign student office.
    8. Wait for Huashan scholarship results at Xidian University website.

Again if the candidate already has an acceptance letter from a professor of his/her desired xidan university faculty, then there is a more chance that he/she will get selected and do not forget to attach it with application.


List of Documents Required for Xidan University Scholarships

All the documents that are required to be submitted along with the application form are listed on the Huashan scholarship’s online platform:

    • Every faculty requires a different set of documents but for convenience, here are some documents that all departments will ask for; at least two recommendation letters, all the previous degrees, their transcripts, scholarship application form for CSC, copy of the passport (attested), a study plan for graduate students, and SOP (Statement of Purpose) from undergraduate applicants, a research plan or proposal from potential Ph.D. candidates, an acceptance letter (not mandatory), physical examination form for foreigners, and a language proficiency certificate (preferably IELTS or TOEFL).
    • Make sure that whether or not the university of your choice needs a separate application to be submitted by the applicant alongside the Huashan application form.
    • If there is no need to submit a separate application, submit only the Huashan scholarship form, and send the documents to the university by mail.
    • Review your application one last time before submitting it.
    • Submit your application and also, send your documents to the international students’ office of your selected university or university.

Huashan Scholarship Application Deadline: May 30, 2023

I advice all my international students to please submit your Huashan Scholarship application at Xidan university before May 30, 2023 and if you are wondering where are official links then please check below two buttons to start your online application for Huashan scholarship at Xidan university admissions page.




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